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World’s Whitest Paint made by Researchers at the Purdue University

Sep 24, 2021

A team of scientists at the Purdue University have managed to create the world’s whitest paint.

Xuilin Ruan, a mechanical engineer at the university and his team created world’s whitest acrylic paint. It can reflect 98.1% of the sunlight and can also deflect infrared heat. This means that the houses which use this paint will be much cooler than their surrounding air temperature.

As the new paint will absorb less heat from the Sun, this will reduce the usage of air conditioner in the house. Purdue researchers believe the cooling power of this paint to be more effective than traditional air conditioners.

This will, in turn, result in less air pollution and chlorofluorocarbons being released into the atmosphere. Commercial paints only reflect about 80-90% of sunlight, thereby making it necessary to use other methods of cooling the house.

This project started 7 years ago. It has been entered in the Guinness World Book of Records as the whitest paint ever made.

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