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4-yo Learns Piano in Lockdown, Wins Elite Competition But Can’t Play Carnegie Hall as She’s Too Young for Vaccination

Sep 5, 2021

The youngest winner of one of the world’s most prestigious music competitions can’t claim her prize—playing piano at Carnegie Hall, New York —because she’s too young to get the vaccine.

Four-year-old Brigitte Xie only started playing piano a year ago in lockdown, but instantly revealed a talent for music.

The pint-sized prodigy can read music and play a note-perfect rendition of Beethoven’s Sonatina in F Major—her feet dangling far above the pedals. She won the Elite National Music Competition last December, and then in March this year won first place at the American Protégé International Competition, which wins her an invitation to perform at world-renowned music venue Carnegie Hall in New York City this November where all performers are required to be vaccinated against COVID-19.

Pre-schooler Brigitte was forced to pull out – but will be given anther chance at a future concert in 2022.

Her mother, Nicole Sun from Ridgefield, Connecticut said, “She doesn’t know much to be honest; I tell her ‘yeah baby you won the prize’ and she was like ‘ok, can we go to Disney store now?’

“I tell her ‘you’re going to perform in front of many people’ and she seemed excited because she likes performing.”

A pianist herself, Nicole took the opportunity to introduce her daughter to it while under lockdown last year to keep her entertained.

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