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‘An important step to decarbonising air travel’: hybrid plane takes to UK skies

Aug 25, 2021

The aircraft is an important step in the race to decarbonise aviation, but net-zero flights remains some way off yet

The good news is that low-carbon aviation is progressing, as evidence in UK airspace this week. There, a hybrid plane is conducting a series of demonstration flights between Exeter Airport and Cornwall Airport Newquay, following a successful trial between Wick and Kirkwell in Scotland a fortnight ago. It is the first time an electric-powered plane has taken part in such tests in the UK.

The aircraft involved is a modified six-seater Cessna 337 with one battery-powered electric motor and one traditional combustion engine. Ampaire, the firm behind the plane, described the flights as “an important first step to decarbonising” regional air travel.

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